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    [PHOTO] 120218 Jonghyun in the shower
    ✰` why do you keep on getting farther away?

    Disgust plastered across his facial expressions and his gaze narrowed towards the ground as he inhaled sharply. He may have been standing less than a few inches away from Dohyeong physically, but in his mind, his brother grew more distant with every “date” he had. He didn’t mind at first—he only assumed it as the hormones— but after what, the third week, he was repelled by the thought of his brother going as far as to moan out a foreign name. Honestly, he should have been happy for him, he should have grown accustomed to it, and he should have just acted the same.

    Yet, at the same time, he understood very well why a majority of them often came back for more. In that moment Dohyeong would place his lips onto his—he forgot the rest of the world. It was intoxicating and could make any man with good set of ethics change their ways. On the occasions they shared a kiss, it felt powerful enough to create galaxies from the small space between their lips when they parted. It was almost as if an electrical pulse surged through his veins and was the very mana that supplied his being. And naturally just like every other individual who had a taste of those sweet lips, his body thirsted for more. With venom dripping at the very tongue he sought carefully for the appropriate series of vowels, “have fun, hyungah~ Get me some ice cream too!” He pecked his cheek after snaking an arm around his waist to draw their bodies close. Barely being able to put up with this happy-go-lucky disposition, a corner of his lips tugged into a small smile. The door shut and Dohoon licked his lips after pursing them. “… Come back home soon, ne?” He thought and thought, his forehead pressed against the door and eventually trudged his way onto the bed.

    Night fell quickly and so did Dohoon’s strength and spirit to follow his life-guard duties. Boy, he would get a handful from the rest of the staff if they found out he neglected his shift. He turned to his side and met a faceful of hair. The soft texture tickled his nose and leisurely, Rikrik sat up. “Hyung? Is-is that you?” He rubbed his eyes and turned the body over. “Ah, I shouldn’t bother you… You seem tired.” He reached over and brushed his bangs out of the way. His heart stopped. The very sight of his sleeping face put him in a concupiscent disposition. His eyes darted over the figure admiring how slender and built he was, but his eyes stopped its track at the collarbone. He glided a digit down his jawline to his chin and to the center of his collarbone. It was left unmarked; his eyes stared at the blank canvas. Then he stopped and grabbed onto the nearest shoulder. “Hey hyungah… Wake up, I want to talk to you… He-hey wake up you butt,” he shook the shoulder softly and gradually picking up on the severity of it, “yaaaah, come on, it’s just nine o’clock, you can’t be in deep sleep mode yet.”

    It was selfish of him to think of it like this, but he had always been there for Dohyeong, why couldn’t he wake up just for one little request? He was always there to listen and hold him as he cried, yet Rikrik never asked for anything in return (though ice cream is a different story). “Pa-pabo,” he called out for him once more, his voice croaking, “wak-wake up.” He was indeed a little brat when it came to matters that involved Dohyeong. After a few more shakes, he sighed and knew further attempts would be fruitless. Using the sleeve of his shirt, he wiped his tears away and shuffled around in the bedsheet to fit inside the crook of Dohyeong’s neck. He breathed in that lulling and indigenous scent from his shoulder hoping it would soothe the beast stirring inside him. He was calmed for a minute, but the bitter tears started again as he imagined a world without Dohyeong’s warmth. “Hyungaaah,” he sobbed and wrapped his arms around his waist.


    xmen-rikrik replied to your post: How often do you masturbate? .__.

    you are not my hyungah anymore…………………….

    you can’t disown me. (`ω´*) you love meeeee.

    WATCH ME, PABO. (/ Bl ) N-No I don’t! You know, sometimes, I just feel like using my powers on you. 

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    xmen-rikrik replied to your post: i’m bored and there’s no one at the pool right…

    ^forever alone at the pool. I hope you drown, hyungah. c:

    ha. ha. only if you go first rikrik~ ♥♥ but no really get your ass over here. i’m so bored(;へ

    Just as long as you promise me you’ll give me CPR? ♥♥ And we’ll go out for ice cream like we always do? (/ ; u ; ) Just wait, I’ll be at the indoor pool in a few minutes~ (/sprinting.)